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Paper Mache Dream Balloon by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard.

It's an album I've listened to a shit load of times, and I just keep coming back to it. I listened to it twice at work today and I've listened to it a lot over the last few months. It came out back in 2015 and was Gizzard's 7th album. It is my favourite album from them.

It starts with 'Sense' a calm but captivating folky jazz type song. One that I can only describe as a track to bike home on when you can see the sunset. It is one of the best vocal performances I've ever seen the band pull off and the lyrics are amazing. It flips on itself when it goes into 'Bone', which is an energetic happy folk song. Then on the next song, it seems to mix the calm from Sense and the energy from Bone. That's the song 'Dirt' for me the song is one of the weakest on the album. It becomes very repetitive during the last minute or so, which isn't one of the best things for a song which is only 2:50 long. The next song though 'Paper Mache Dream Balloon' the self titled song is high energy, extremely groovy and just always hits the good spot. The ridiculously good drum licks in this song just make it absolutely perfect. The lyrics are cutesy and fun. Then you get onto 'Trapdoor' in which the theme takes a bit of a detour, but a welcome one. Going for a more sharp sound instead of the more loose sound of the earlier songs. And the flute solo in the middle is incredible. 'Cold Cadaver' is catchy, easy to sing along to and all around a song that just makes you happy, that theme is very reoccurring in this release. Even with more serious lyrics it still manages to make you smile and feel good. Then 'The Bitter Boogie' makes you feel like you're in a cowboy movie, but has problems with repetition like 'Dirt'. 'N.G.R.I (Bloodstain)' is so folk-ish that I am going to develop a accent. It is great. It is instrumentally a bit different than the rest due to the very active piano. Then the next song 'Time=Fate' feels like im back in the cowboy movie I was in earlier. And then 'Time=$$$' increases that feel tenfold. With a more calm type of vocal performance like in 'Sense' while getting slowly calmer and calmer over the song, which goes great into the next song 'Most of What I Like' which starts very abrasive and then gets very calm and serious. Goes into how the writer doubts he deserves his life and how it can turn around badly at any moment. Then it ends on 'Paper Mache' Which starts off by giving small segments from other songs but more built down by using less instruments. It ends with some noise I do not understand the meaning of LOL

The acoustic sound of everything is amazing and it feels really human to listen to. It is overall a pretty short one though coming in at 33 minutes and 54 seconds and 12 tracks. But everything here is good. There is honestly no bad track on here. Only a few lesser tracks. This is one of the best albums I've ever heard and one of my most adored albums.

I wholeheartedly recommend you to listen to it.

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