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The Importance of 100 Gecs

100 gecs, a project which from a mainstream perspective is still relatively niche. But still having done so and so much for the online music communities and the people inside of them. It is a project with which you either hear extreme fangirl-ism or extreme distastefulness.


This project influenced and inspired me. The biggest thing it did was open myself up to my own gender identity. Seeing Laura Les do all this crazy shit with music inspired me and made me less afraid to be open about me being transgender. It helped me realise and accept. Resulting in me coming out to my parents, which led me to now. A process which I've been in for 1,5 years of getting into transition, which I officially started a few weeks ago. Medical processes like that take time, and for good reason. It has not been an easy journey so far, and it is going to get harder. But then people like Laura Les, Sophie and Wendy Carlos inspire me to be myself and go for myself. And it is not just me, it's countless people all over the world who are inspired and helped. Besides personal reasons, it inspires all types of new music. It broke the foundations of the pop genre and helped build up hyperpop, bringing hyperpop to all sorts of people and inspiring them too to try the genre. They showed me that music can be done in a lot of different ways, and that helped me get the creative energy to work on my own music. It's caused a bubble of creativity to pop in a lot of people's heads. And that is what's music all about isn't it.


But, the content of the music is one of the most divided area's. The project broke my expectations of what I'd find in a song, it also helped me actually approach sounds inside music more. The weird and absurd sound got me thinking more about what actually builds up a song. Some people see it as modern genius, a lot of others also see it as abrasive garbage. But even the people who see it as abrasive garbage, have to appreciate the absolute artistic freedom of it. They just did whatever they wanted, and that's what came out of it. It's a child's gift of an duo. I love it personally way way way way too much. I was jamming to it all day every day at one point, but recently I've noticed I've been listening to them way way less. It is not that I dislike the music. It is just the feeling of freedom I felt when I was done with their stuff more and constantly looking for new stuff in a lot of different genres. So even if it's abrasive, inaccessible, high pitched trash. It's done so much and had so much impact on so many people and that's beautiful. It's for most nerdy music people on the internet that it became one of the modern greats. I personally am a huge fan of the music, it sounds so full of personality of both the duo and of the internet. It is a personalisation of general internet culture but also a bunch of subcultures. It created its own corner of the internet by doing this. The album was mostly made by sending logic project files between the duo via the internet. Showing how fuelled by the internet it all is, and that just makes like 10x more cool for me. It's genre defying and genre blending stuff, going from just a showcase of sounds to ska and then back to more nightmare like tracks, and that's great. It is truly a unique piece of modern art.


I wait with extreme anticipation for their next release, how to one up a release like 1000 gecs make you think about if they even will make another album. There has been the occasional single or fun collab, but not that much news. There are a online music festival set giving us a taste of what next, and it just gets my hopes up for more. So with proper excitement I await. Listening to other hyperpop projects during. A lot of which is very very very good. But nothing quite feels the same like 100 gecs, and more the 1000 gecs album. It is a experience which can't be redone. Which is also why i'm already a bit less excited for their new stuff. It can't get the same experience again, so we have to hope the new experience will be as good.

I hope to one day show my kids my 1000 gecs vinyl, and have them be absolutely horrified at it.

That's why I want the project to live on, at least in everyone's hearts for a while. Because it deserved it.

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