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What have I been listening to this week?

So for this week I'm gonna do something a bit more laid back, but that's because I am working on a bigger report on 100 gecs as a band and movement. Not only about the music but also about the culture. So im gonna start this sort of thing where whenever I can't type out a full review or full report of whatever because im working on a bigger project like now i'll do one of these. Where I just talk about what's been in my ears the last week or so.

Other Here Comes The Cowboy Demos By Mac DeMarco. I bought this on vinyl recently thinking it was 'Here Comes The Cowboy Demos' but it was another release and I didn't hear this one yet and it's just great. My favourite Mac DeMarco release so far even if its b-sides and demos

House Of Fm by Franc Moody. I have been listening to more and more dance-electronic music and this is one of the EP'S that's been prevalent in that. It's just great bops to move along to while working for me mostly.

Oncle Jazz by Men I Trust. My favourite album from Men I Trust. I have a shirt of this album actually lmao AND pending concert tickets!

Portal 2: Songs to Test By by Valve. A very very very big soundtrack but with just a few tracks which just sound brutal and hard, listening to the songs out of context of the game works very well with this OST.

TOTEP by Kero Kero Bonito. My favourite release from my favourite band. It's the EP I listen to whenever I need to process something or am having a rough period. Always helps me immensely. Great release overall. Love it intensely.

Gumboot Soup by King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard. I also got this on vinyl, a super nice funky rock gizzard album which is just a blast to listen to! It is growing on me as one of the favourites from the band as a whole, sitting in third place for me with above is at second place Quarters and at first place Paper Mache Dream Balloon which I have written about here.

Besides that I have been having this Berlin techno playlist which I found on repeat. Huge shoutout to that guy for having me have some good music to listen to while working. Techno does wonders for that.

I hope everyone is doing well, I've been enjoying this little side project a lot!

I am unsure if I will make the next Sunday with the report Im working on. But im gonna try my best.

See you all till then!

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